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Friday, August 29, 2008

Long Time....!

Well it's been a long time since I updated this...
I finished a few projects and also appeared on some festivals here in NY while hosting a radio show at

First of all I was the vocal coach and lyricist for the show "The Psychiatrist" which opened in the Mastic Theatre.
The Direction was by George Markakis and the composer I worked with (who also played the role of the psychiatrist) was my friend Peter Christofidis.
Here is the cover of the CD and the Track list:

Speaking of CDs I finally got my copy of "GODS" the new musical by Ayhan Sahin. I had such a fun time recording these songs. Apart from the leading character I had the chance to record with the chorus ( and change my voice a bit which I LOVE to do!!)
The CD is already being played on radios in Turkey!!

And coming to my own album now.
I performed in three venues at the "Make Music NY" festival and also at the "World's Fair" in Atlas Park.
The response was great I signed CDs and gave autographs to old and new fans! Thank you so much everybody!

Also my collaborators informed me that "One Look" has been getting more reviews and fans worldwide!!
I really appreciate it you guys!!

By the way there is an interview of mine in the Greek music magazine "MOODY". Check it out!!

Now that the summer is officially over we are getting ready for big projects!

I will keep you informed the moment I find out OK?

Kisses to you all and if you use Facebook add me and join my Fan Club so we can all get connected easily.