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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August is here!!

Hey the summer is moving along and so are all the projects and news.

So the show is over and it seems it went pretty well. The Cast was so much fun to work with and hopefully we'll meet again pretty soon.

There was a great review in NEO MAGAZINE:

Currently I'm also performing in the city every Friday and am getting ready to shoot another film in the last week of August.

The previous one (The Divorce) is in post production, but the trailer is ready:

Hopefully by the end of the summer both movies are going to be ready and maybe the feature film too.

Don't miss also my appearance in National Geographic's "Monsters Inside Us".

Moreover, I'm still teaching singing at Roosevelt Island PS/IS while getting ready for the September's Off-Broadway Greek tragedy…

That's it for now… I'll write in a few more news in a couple of days when I'll have more information on something. ;-)