Christos Alexandrou Channel


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Before 2016 leaves...

Summer came and went and the fall has well arrived! So this is what's up for the remainder of the year.

  • Beacon Program started and now I'm also teaching and overseeing the Broadcasting Group!
  • We shot a new Music Video which is currently being edited 
  • Finishing up the new greek songs that will be presented in November
  • Rehearsing with the band for the DC concert. 
  • Writing music for a play that is opening in December 
  • Starting rehearsals with my students for their holiday play/show. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Already February!

I cannot believe January came and went, (and so did our annual trip to a warmer climate - this year Antigua). Not only that, February also arrived, so we celebrated Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day weekends with a polar vortex... Thankfully my trip to FL got cancelled so I didn't get to have any guilt about being away... (irony! lol)

Anyway, I am as of ...well, now the Artistic Director of the music department for the TIMARETE festival in NY. First emails out, first confirmations etc. Excited! Also, rehearsals at school are going GREAT, the Greek label collaboration is almost signed and sealed, and ideas f new songs are pouring in. With my new set up I seem to be passing most of my day working on 5 projects. The bad thing is I have 15...! Have I mentioned in this post how awful NY weather is?

Keep living the dream everyone.