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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

After the hurricane(s)...

Armed with batteries, clothes, all the important papers etc we found shelter in CT, only to be left in the dark for a few days there, while NY smirked and continued its crazy rhythms...

Annoying as it may sound, we were all actually quite glad nothing happened to the big apple.
Especially after an earthquake that hit a few days prior, our personal "drama", our friends' personal "drama" and their mother's personal "drama"... God! Maybe I should have become a doctor!

In all this excitement (that's how we'll be calling it from now on), thankfully music and inspiration has not abandoned us!!

This is the first month of Fall, first month of the academic year and hopefully the last one to see the "troubled" one...

This month's goal:

new place,
new songs,
new videos,
new gear,
new clothes (hey not just work),
new gym!

I'm sure more stuff will appear as we go on.
To the universe: "Bring it on; I DO have a black belt, remember?"

Tang Soo!

Monday, July 11, 2011

July is the month of... touching base??

OK I know I have said this before, but this is really happening now. You know how sometimes you know that something is going to happen and then it happens? Well THAT happens ALL THE TIME!!  So I decided to embrace it and use it. I honestly do; everyday!

Moreover, I started touching base with people from my past and it's incredible how happy this made us all!! Actors, singers, friends, family friends, people we met a while back and didn't keep track of each other, but now everybody is being attracted to each other like some mystical force (cue the eery music in the background) is playing puppets with us...

He he he

This is SOOOOOO cool!!

Are you enjoying the summer yet??

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Waka waka waka (as Ms Pacman would say...)

Everything happened according to plan.

The Concert in greece was great, the journey was awesome. I didn't have a chance to see all my friends there but that only means I have to go back...!

While I was recovering from the surgeries and still in jet lag, I tried to organize my office. Guess what! I realized that all the pictures from older concerts, plays, gigs, magazine clippings, newspaper articles, posters etc that I have are: A) not organized as I thought and B) A LOT!! OMG I had forgotten most of the things I had done and was focusing on the things I did in the US...  If only there was a way to collect all the TV appearances I have ever made THAT would be amazing!!

Now that I'm back in the big "fruit", I am focusing a bit more on the company (since the music gigs are pretty much planned out) and our June shows. The Performance Group of Beacon that I created will kick some serious A** in 3 weeks!

Does anybody know of an apartment for rent BTW??

CU soon


Tuesday, February 1, 2011


OMG... Time flies!
This month seems to be the most balanced of them all! (in paper at least!!)

Cool!! Will use this time to work on the new songs, the concert idea and the rest of the project.
I will be traveling East this month and I am really looking forward to it.

Hopefully by the end of the month I will have visitors, a concert (or more) a few new songs and maybe a new photo shoot (??). Let's not forget the new Music Video. Mr. Omar Santana did an amazing job with The Muse (short film) and I really think he's going to make a wonderful video!!

Oh!! Let's not forget my radio interview on keith johnson's radio show mid February.  Will play a new song for the first time!!

Thanks to Kurtis Danskin! This dude has been a real friend! Wish I can manage to see his concert in March, otherwise will definitely try to in the fall!

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 2010!

It's official!!

Everything is going according to plan!!

(not MY plan, but I'm sure somebody's...)

Here is an interview I gave at The National Herald.

Booked my ticket for Greece!! (Will be going in two months for two weeks.)

Moreover, I pretty much finished the ADR for the new movie (The Muse) and I think it's going to be nice!!

The snow is falling once again! Haven't we had enough already?!

Anyway, hope you all feel great and stay warm!!

See you all soon!!