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Saturday, November 14, 2015

New Music, new play, new goal!

After a LOT of consideration and some ...gentle pressure from my business partners we have decided it's time to start slowly working on our new theatrical production! So I'm putting my composer hat on and dive in the darkest alley I can find to write the songs that will transcend the voice of the missing character of the play (have I said too much??)! Painful at times, soaring at most, but totally worth it! Production is starting to take form. 

Kidding aside, I have to admit I am most humbled by the whole process, extending my arms to people I trust to help us build this new play and do it the justice it deserves! We have gradually raised the bar, bringing productions that have grown us as a production team, as people and as friends. We've learned so much and we are ready!


Christos Alexandrou the Vocal Coach

After taking a few years to focus on performances, recordings and travelling I am returning to the Beacon Program's school auditorium on Roosevelt Island to start coaching again! I'm really excited and am ready to take on the responsibilities that come with this title. 

Carnegie Hall here we come!

I was cast as part of the new Rock Opera, Porphyra that is debuting in Carnegie Hall! As the incomparable Donna Wyant takes over as the director of this demanding show, I am entrusted with the role of the Narrator as well as the Creative Director and additional composer for this show! Dimitris Lambrianos also becomes now the Musical Director and band leader!

Here's a link to an article about this: Porphyra a Rock Opera