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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Waka waka waka (as Ms Pacman would say...)

Everything happened according to plan.

The Concert in greece was great, the journey was awesome. I didn't have a chance to see all my friends there but that only means I have to go back...!

While I was recovering from the surgeries and still in jet lag, I tried to organize my office. Guess what! I realized that all the pictures from older concerts, plays, gigs, magazine clippings, newspaper articles, posters etc that I have are: A) not organized as I thought and B) A LOT!! OMG I had forgotten most of the things I had done and was focusing on the things I did in the US...  If only there was a way to collect all the TV appearances I have ever made THAT would be amazing!!

Now that I'm back in the big "fruit", I am focusing a bit more on the company (since the music gigs are pretty much planned out) and our June shows. The Performance Group of Beacon that I created will kick some serious A** in 3 weeks!

Does anybody know of an apartment for rent BTW??

CU soon


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