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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

After the hurricane(s)...

Armed with batteries, clothes, all the important papers etc we found shelter in CT, only to be left in the dark for a few days there, while NY smirked and continued its crazy rhythms...

Annoying as it may sound, we were all actually quite glad nothing happened to the big apple.
Especially after an earthquake that hit a few days prior, our personal "drama", our friends' personal "drama" and their mother's personal "drama"... God! Maybe I should have become a doctor!

In all this excitement (that's how we'll be calling it from now on), thankfully music and inspiration has not abandoned us!!

This is the first month of Fall, first month of the academic year and hopefully the last one to see the "troubled" one...

This month's goal:

new place,
new songs,
new videos,
new gear,
new clothes (hey not just work),
new gym!

I'm sure more stuff will appear as we go on.
To the universe: "Bring it on; I DO have a black belt, remember?"

Tang Soo!

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